Meet our team of highly trained professionals

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    Stephen Cowden, PT

         Steve has over 23 years of experience in the leadership, Steve Cowdenmanagement and delivery of physical therapy services. He combines experience in treating world-class, professional, collegiate and scholastic athletes with backgrounds in home health care, hospital and rehabilitation centers.
         Stephen is a 1989 graduate of SUNY at Stony Brook and has taken numerous continuing education courses with an emphasis on the evaluation and hands on treatment of joint disorders, spinal orthopedics, and advanced orthopedic techniques.  He has also taken courses on neurological rehabilitation and balance and fall prevention and Vestibular Rehabilitation.  Stephen is credentialed in treatment of vestibular disorders, dizziness, BPPV and balance deficits.
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    Charles Sciangula, DPT

    Chuck received his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Suny at Stony Brook. IMG_20160224_180948 He completed his clinical intership at Physical Therapy & Sport Services and New York  Balance & Vestibular Physical Therapy. Chuck also earned training certificates from Nationally recognized Physical Therapist Jim Megna,PT, NCS.

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    Sue Smith, Office Manager

    Sue is our office and administrative manager. She will help you make appointments, handle payments, and assist with matters regarding your insurance company. IMG_1255

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