Vestibular Disorders Association

We are proud members of the Vestibular Disorders Association. If you have been experiencing symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, "feeling in a fog", or are the relative, caregiver, or support person for someone with a vestibular disorder, the Vestibular Disorders Association has information and resources that could help improve your quality of life. Vestibular Disorders Association Website

How to Control Your Balance

How to Control Your Balance Balance is vital to normal every day life activities such as getting out of a chair and walking, bending over to put your shoes on, washing your hair, driving a car or going grocery shopping. Just about everything you do in your daily life, whether for work or leisure requires [...]

Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness and Vertigo Dizziness is a broad term used to explain how we feel when our sense of balance is not quite right. The term encompasses a variety of sensations that can mean different things to different people. If you have ever been dizzy, you may have found it difficult to describe exactly how it [...]

Take it from the Wall Street Journal

Take it from the Wall Street Journal We are constantly telling our patients that posture matters. If you aren't going to listen to us, perhaps this video from the Wall Street Journal will be more convincing: