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“We care” are not just words.

New York Balance & Vestibular Physical Therapy is a state of the art facility. We offer individualized treatment programs and exceptional care using targeted therapeutic exercises and Neurocom Balance Master™ computerized force plate technology. Our treatments are designed to address each person’s symptoms. Special exercises can relieve vertigo and dizziness, improve balance and prevent falls.

Our Team

Steve Cowden

Stephen Cowden, PT
Owner, Physical Therapist


Charles Sciangula, DPT
Physical Therapist

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Sue Smith
Office Manager

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Client Base Growth
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Client Base Growth
Patient Satisfaction

New York Balance & Vestibular Physical Therapy has gained a reputation for being a reliable, safe, and effective center for treatments of balance disorders, vertigo, dizziness, concussions, and related conditions. The proof of our results is reflected in increased patient satisfaction and doctor referrals compared to our nearest competitors.

If you are still skeptical, please schedule an appointment and experience treatment for yourself. We look forward to helping you restore and improve your current level of function.

New York Balance & Vestibular Physical Therapy
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